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Video: England players enjoy some ‘Team Bonding’

by Rob Dore | May 24, 2012

Roy Hodgson has warned his players to “behave like normal people” at Euro 2012, clearly forgetting that normal people don’t get paid £100k a week to play football and sleep with disco skanks. That’s why we weren’t too surprised to discover some England boys had organised their own team bonding event.

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The squad is now training safely in Manchester under the guidance of new coach  Hodgson, who’ll have spies at all the local dwarf tossing events and septuagenarian sex-houses.

But this latest video offering takes a mischievous look at what that last-minute team bonding session may have looked like, Paddy Power style!

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The 60-second commercial was inspired by the classic YouTube video ‘Russian Forest Rave’, and features England ‘players’ (and a few unexpected guests) releasing some pre-Euros tension at a hardcore rave in the middle of a Ukrainian woods.

Adam Perrin, spokesman for Paddy Power, said: “Roy has said he expects the players to behave when on international duty so our team bonding suggestion may not meet with his approval – but I’m sure some of the players would be up for it!”

SUPER MARIO: The rave-up had at least one unexpected guest

This is the latest advert in the Paddy Power ‘We Hear You’ campaign which recently fell foul of the ASA who last week upheld complaints against the bookie’s Cheltenham TV spot ‘Ladies Day’ despite receiving more than 640,000 views online. Another ad in the series, ‘Chav Tranquiliser’ has received almost 1.5 million You Tube views.


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    So Sorry for the late reply. We were having a little rave there. All okay, buddy?

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