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Say hello to our sexy and smarter Football Pages

by Aidan Elder | May 31, 2012

For the second time in recent history, Paddy Power has handed our Football Pages a stick of celery and packed them off to ‘Webpage Bootcamp’ to get into shape. They’ve come back a little bit grumpy due to a lack of chocolate, but also looking sharper and slicker. Here are some of the main changes.

Top Bets…

Top Bets

It’s a classic case of doing exactly what it says on the tin. This brings together all the most popular football bets currently on It includes the most popular singles and accumulators. Under some very clever technology, it also looks at social networks, ignores all the crappy Justin Bieber and One Direction hashtags and sees what football bets are trending there.

Live matches on all coupons…

Live Football Matches

This is a very handy feature. In the past, when for example a Premier League match began, it would disappear off the Premier League coupon and you’d have to navigate to the Live Coupon or the Live Betting pages. That clearly wasn’t ideal so we’ve changed it. Now live matches will stay on their respective coupons and not only that, but they’ll include auto-updating odds, the latest score, the time gone in the game and they’ll even let you know when a goal has been scored.

My Matches…

My Matches
This one has been around for a while, but given it a nip and a tuck. It’s now a lot more user friendly and will try to be helpful by suggesting matches from leagues based on your betting history. Of course you can add your own preferred matches and generally make life easier for yourself. Who doesn’t want that?!

Inline stats…

Football Stats
We’ve also had stats, or – if you’re not too lazy to read an extra five letters – statistics, on our football pages for a while, but again, we’ve jazzed them up. There’s now a stats button which displays the last six results for each in line on the page. You can also open multiple stats sections on the same page to compare recent results for multiple teams. If that hasn’t quenched your thirst for football related data, then we’ve got more detailed stats available via the rather self-explanatory ‘view all stats’ button.

Lower accordian…

Lower Accordion
Sadly, it’s not the heavenly tones of the world famous squeezebox. Again, we’re trying to make things as straightforward as we can and the lower accordion section includes links to Matches, Popular Coupons and Your Favourite Team.


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  1. GREENMAN said on June 1, 2012 @ 12:34 pm

    easy known the web developer hasnt a notion on odds. the ones he threw in for effect are a little strange to say the least.. croatia 1-0 down and 11/100, doesnt say a lot for ireland eh. The odds of Liverpool 11/1 and 1-0 is tempting but probably fair price for liverpool these days lol.

  2. Paddy Power Blog said on June 1, 2012 @ 12:43 pm

    Well spotted. We think the Liverpool one is fairly accurate :)

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