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NFL Video Preview: Football, free bets and a girl in lucky pants

by Rob Dore | November 9, 2012

This week on PPSN not only do we have the entertaining and insightful duo of Pat and Kenny giving you the low down on this Sunday’s live NFL games, we also have a money-back special, the chance to win a £/€50 free bet and an attractive model pulling down her pants.

Some might call it a cheap ploy to get more male viewers to tune in but we here on the Paddy Power Blog are far more open minded than that. Who’s to say that women don’t want to see a scantily clad model stripping off her Paddy Power lucky pants? We’re pretty sure disagreeing makes you a sexist. If you don’t want to be labelled a woman-hater and be shunned by your friends, family and bus driver then we suggest you watch this video.

This Sunday we start off with the unbeaten Atlanta Falcons away to the resurgent New Orleans Saints at 6pm (SS3), followed by a last chance saloon shoot-out between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys at 9.25pm (SS3). The night, or early morning as it will be by then, is wrapped up with a potential preview of February’s Super Bowl. The AFC leading Houston Texans travel to Chicago to take on the Bears (1.30am Ch4), with both teams looking play-off bound this will be a fiercely contested match-up.

Money-Back Special

Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints – Sun 6pm SS3
Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles – Sun 9.25pm SS3
Houston Texans at Chicago Bears – Mon 1.30am Ch4

If there is a touchdown in the last two minutes of any of these three games, Paddy Power will refund losing match handicap bets on that game.

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    1. PW said on November 9, 2012 @ 5:13 pm

      I’ve received 6 bids for the discarded “lucky pants”…. Maybe we’re on to something??

    2. Keef said on November 11, 2012 @ 1:31 pm

      Sorry, was there a young lady taking off her Paddy Power pants ? I nodded off during the NFL chat at the start !

    3. PW said on November 12, 2012 @ 4:42 pm

      Keef…maybe you should get more rest…if you wouldn’t have “nodded off”…maybe you could have “heard” the information needed to crush your book on Sunday. I couldn’t have been more “clear” on the Falcons/Saints OVERS, and Mr. White “gave” you Houston on Sunday Night…While we always appreciate the feedback good or bad…the only thing worse than a lame attempt at humor…is someone telling you “I told you so”….Cheers

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