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Le GIF de jour: Kirsty reacts to Joey Barton’s French accent

by Aidan Elder | November 27, 2012

You’ve surely seen it by now. Joey Barton came across a bit like a French Steve McClaren when talking to the French media on Sunday. Fearing that the locals wouldn’t be able to understand his Scouse twang, he adopted a French accent for the duration, with hilarious consequences.

Here’s Kirsty’s hilarious reaction to the combination of Joey’s French accent and Jim White’s actually quite funny panning of Joey.
Kirsty Gallacher Reacts To Joey Barton's French Accent

Anyway, if you’ve been in coma for the last 24 hours or so and missed all of this, here’s the round-up. First, it’s Joey’s audition for a role on ‘Allo, ‘Allo taken from the post-match press conference following the game against Lille.

The second must-see part of this whole amusing episode, is the uproarious reaction from Jim White and Kirsty Gallacher in the Sky Sports News studio. ‘Mon dew’ as Joey might say.

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