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VIDEO: You need to see these AC Milan players murdering ‘Last Christmas’

by Aidan Elder | December 22, 2012


Yes, it’s Christmas time and that can mean only one thing – football clubs getting their players to do vaguely wacky things on camera in the hope the results will go viral.

After Manchester City got Aleksandar Kolarov to do possibly the most threatening version of Jingle Bells in history, AC Milan broke out the karaoke machine to create some YouTube gold of their own.

They put some silly hats on some of their players and got them to sing Wham! festive ear-worm, ‘Last Christmas’ and the result is brilliant. And by ‘brilliant’ I mean ‘terrible from a musical point of view, but pretty hilarious’.

I don’t want to go down the Allo’ Allo’ line of laughing at foreigners for how they speak English, but there are some dangerously suspect pronunciation. The line ‘Last Christmas I gave you may heart’ comes in for some serious butchering. It comes out as ‘Last Christmas, I gave you my whore’ and ‘Last Christmas, I gave you my hair’ in a couple of places. And if that wasn’t enough of an incentive, it also has Kevin Prince-Boateng is loving himself a little too much.


Thanks to the guys at @101GreatGoals


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