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The award-winning Paddy Power Blog brings you sports and betting news, insight and entertainment. On the blog, we discuss hot topics, preview major events, praise those who deserve to be praised, take shots at sacred cows, and try not to take life too seriously.

The Paddy Power Blog won the prestigious ‘Best Blog’ award at the 2012 Social Buzz awards in London in 2012, thanks in part to the formidable independent insight we provide from columnists such as Andy Gray, Ruby Walsh, Not Big Sam and FourFourTom. Not to mention the free Lucky Pants we gave judges.

We also help populate Paddy Power’s social media channels and craft video concepts for marketing and advertising campaigns.

If you’d like to contact us, here’s who we are…

  • Editorial manager: Paul Mallon, paul.mallon@paddypower.com
  • Chief sports writer: Aidan Elder, aidan.elder@paddypower.com
  • Viralist, sports writer: Rob Dore, robert.dore@paddypower.com
  • Online sports journalist: Josh Powell, josh.powell@paddypower.com
  • Online sports journalist: Sean Goff, sean.goff@paddypower.com

The Paddy Power team on Social Media…

  • Social media manager: Michael Nagle, micheal.nagle@paddypower.com
  • Paddy Power and team: @paddypower
  • Paddy Power Blog: @paddypowerblog

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