The ongoing CBB feud between Austin Armacost and James Jordan has escalated this week – so much so that we have priced up the likelihood of the warring pair coming to blows as 2/1.

There appears to be a clear winner in the dispute, though – with James’ chances of winning the show TREBLING overnight.

Before the airing of last night’s show, where he clashed with Austin repeatedly, James was priced at 25/1 – but is today listed as the 8/1 fourth favourite.

Austin’s chances of winning, meanwhile, halved – slipping from 10/1 to 20/1.

He isn’t the favourite to leave on Friday, though, as the odds of Angie Best being evicted were slashed from 5/2 to Evens.

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “It’s no Rumble in the Jungle – more ‘mouse in the house’ – but James and Austin are increasingly looking like they’ll clash physically.

“Personally, I think James would wipe the floor with Austin – so long as it’s a dancefloor.”

Austin and James specials

2/1        Austin and James J to have a punch-up
5/1         Austin to break down the door to exit
8/1         James J to be removed from CBB house for breaching rules
9/1         Austin to be evicted on Friday
14/1       Austin to be removed from CBB house for safety reasons
20/1       Austin to escape from the CBB house

To be evicted on Friday
Evens    Angie Best
5/4         Stacy Francis
9/1         Austin Armacost
10/1         James Cosmo
33/1       Speidi

To win CBB 2017

5/2         Jedward
4/1         Calum Best
9/2         Speidi
8/1         James J
10/1       Coleen Nolan
10/1       James Cosmo

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