Tonight’s shock Celebrity Big Brother eviction is being kept hush-hush by Channel 5 bosses, but we make American duo Jasmine and Stacy favourites to get the boot (2/1).

One member of the ‘Hell’ contingent was jettisoned on Sunday night, but won’t be revealed until today’s show – Loose Women presenter Coleen (5/2), reality brats Speidi (4/1), and actor James Cosmo (4/1) are also at risk.

Our crystal ball is showing even more CBB revelations – albeit mostly of flesh.

We make it odds-on that Chloe and Calum (10/11) are the first couple to have sex in the CBB house, after flirting constantly since the Geordie Shore star’s arrival.

Jamie and Bianca are just behind (7/4) after sharing a sneaky kiss, with Calum’s bed-sharing arrangements with Jasmine making them third-favourite (3/1).

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “Honestly, some of the flirting during this series would be enough to make Frankie Boyle blush.

“It’s surely only a matter of time before the viewers get to go all voyeur on a romping couple, with Jamie and Calum appearing to race to the bedroom – bonk honk!”

To be evicted tonight

2/1         Jasmine
2/1         Stacy
5/2         Coleen
4/1         Speidi
4/1         James C
6/1         Calum

To bonk first

10/11     Chloe and Calum
7/4         Jamie and Bianca
3/1         Jasmine and Calum
7/2         Speidi
5/1         Jamie and Nicola 

To win CBB 2017

11/2       Chloe
11/2       Jedward
11/2       Bianca
6/1         Calum
7/1         James J
8/1         Jessica

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