With Phillip Hammond set to reveal his first budget on Wednesday, we have priced up various specials for the landmark event for Great Britain.

They include taking a leaf out of Prime Minister Theresa May’s book and wearing a tartan suit (25/1), losing the budget box (80/1), and painting it blue (500/1).

Other markets include what phrases he’ll use, with ‘Brexit’ virtually guaranteed at 1/100. ‘Theresa May holds my hand, too’ is slightly less likely at 500/1.

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Asked ahead of the Budget for his thoughts spokesperson Paddy Power said: “Will Phillip properly Hamm it up with a Theresa May-style tartan suit?

“Either way, it’s pretty much a guarantee that he’ll mention Brexit – and Donald Trump is bound to gate-crash yet another event. Though the concept of a budget might bend his mind.”

Hammond to say during the budget speech

1/100     Brexit
5/1         Scottish Independence referendum
12/1       Fake News
33/1       Donald Trump would be impressed
33/1       UKIP are imploding faster than Arsenal
66/1       Better than Osborne
66/1       Nigel Farage is a faker
500/1     Theresa May holds my hand, too

Hammond budget specials

25/1       To wear a Tartan suit
80/1       To lose the budget box
125/1     To carry a Byron burger takeaway bag
125/1     To wear a George Osborne pin badge
500/1     To paint the budget box blue

How many sips of water will Hammond have?

6/5         Three or more
5/2         Two
3/1         One
4/1         None

To say first

6/4         EU/European Union
3/1         Economy
6/1         Spending
6/1         Revenue
7/1         Recovery
7/1         Growth
8/1         Health
14/1       Recession
14/1       Taxpayers
18/1       Pension
20/1       General Election